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too great a burden

John Derbyshire, avowed racist.I’m not even going to trouble myself with a blow-by-blow dissection of the inaccurate, despicable, and downright nauseating racist diatribes that have been recently voiced and published in too many places. It really pains me to know just how saturated with prejudice (not only institutional racism, but personally- and deeply-held hate) this country is, and I value my time and sanity way too much to get lost in that noise.

But I can’t help but look at these people with a certain amount of pity, even more than anger.

Here is a group of people so consumed by rage, so scared of their own shadows (dark as they are!), that they buy guns by the ton and fear children in hoodies, breaking only from their vigilantism for however long it takes to post badly-written screeds on the Internet. They are so blinded by their pathological fear of Others, that they fail to see that most of the true threats facing them and theirs are occasioned by their own foolishness.

How many of them will never realize that the reason they encounter so much hostility, and think the world is such a scary place, is because the hate in their hearts is physically visible to everyone they pass in the street?

How many of their children will suffer because, trained to fear random black and brown people, they instead fall cluelessly victim to family members, future college classmates, teammates and friends?

It’s truly a shame— for their sake, not ours— that their hate-addled minds lack the capacity to distinguish stereotype-induced hysteria from reality.

If they could, they’d realize that they’re far less likely to be killed by (imaginary) invading hordes of scary colored people, than they are from the cardiac-shredding, health-destroying vitriol invading their bodies on an all-too-regular basis


ETA: Colorlines has produced a great graphic on the myths vs. reality of crime and Black America. Not that the people who most need to learn the truth will ever read it, but thoughtful people who have to deal with them may find it helpful.